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Casting/Job Title Location Project Type Submit by
Lakeland: The Addams Family Tampa, FL Theatre - Non-Equity 07-24-14
Wonderland Movie Casting Ireland Feature Film-Inde/low Budget 07-25-14
Black Comedy Audition Orlando, FL Theatre - Non-Equity 07-26-14
Audition Notice Frankenstein London Theatre - Non-Equity 07-26-14
It's A Wonderful Life In Ky Louisville, KY Theatre - Non-Equity 07-27-14
Auditions : Working (MCT) Chicago, IL Theatre - Non-Equity 07-27-14
Auditions for Moon Over the Brewery Cleveland, OH Theatre - Non-Equity 07-27-14
Fiddler On The Roof Rogers Auditi.. Kansas City, MO Theatre - Non-Equity 07-28-14
MBP - The Drowsy Chaperone Auditi.. New York City, NY Theatre - Non-Equity 07-28-14
Its A Wonderful Life Barn Auditions Louisville, KY Theatre - Non-Equity 07-28-14
Auditions : Rabbit Hole (WRLT) Atlanta, GA Theatre - Non-Equity 07-28-14
Casting For To Kill A Mockingbird Louisville, KY Theatre - Non-Equity 07-28-14
The Fashion Hero - Episodic TV Reality TV 07-31-14
Burgundy & Brown Productions Jacksonville, FL Theatre - Non-Equity 07-31-14
The Fashion Hero Modeling - Hair/Cosmetics 07-31-14
WCT Auditions For Les Miserables Austin, TX Theatre - Non-Equity 08-01-14
Arsenic & Old Lace EEA Audition Las Vegas, NV Theatre - Non-Equity 08-01-14
MMST Auditions : The Rocky Horror.. Grand Junction, CO Theatre - Non-Equity 08-01-14
World's Popular Musical - Les Mis.. Dallas, TX Theatre - Non-Equity 08-02-14
The 25th Spelling Bee Auditions 2.. New York City, NY Theatre - Non-Equity 08-03-14
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